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The Bull

Malt Liquor

24 FL OZ5.9% ALC/ VOL

The Original Malt Liquor, Schlitz Malt Liquor presents the serious beer drinker with the namesake brand. Schlitz Malt Liquor separates itself from other malt liquors with an impressive portfolio of six hop varieties. Schlitz Malt Liquor tames its 5.9% Alcohol by Volume content with robust hop presence against a smooth malt background.

The Bull

High Gravity

24 FL OZ8.5% ALC/ VOL

Schlitz HGL inaugurates a whole new dimension in beer flavor and excellence. Welcome to V.S.L—Very Smooth Lager. Elevated alcohol and charcoal filtration combine to establish a beer with unprecedented smoothness yet undeniable impact. Don’t let your guard down while enjoying the satisfying and smooth taste of this Very Smooth Lager. Schlitz High Gravity Lager will sting your sensibilities with yearnings for more. 8.5% Alcohol by Volume.

The Bull

Red Bull

24 FL OZ5.9% ALC/ VOL

Stamina and strength are balanced in this fine malt liquor via robust flavor and accentuated alcohol. Specially brewed via an Xtra Long process, this beer fosters the boldness and power of the majestic bull. 5.9% Alcohol by volume.

The Bull

Bull Ice

24 FL OZ8.2% ALC/ VOL

Bull Ice Malt Liquor makes no pretense at subtlety. Alcohol is its friend at 8.2% by volume. Brewed and fermented to a concentration of alcohol that is almost intolerable to yeast, Bull Ice reaches for the highest levels of fermentability from a malt recipe.